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Important Reminders:

  • If you have not received your new login information (especially for gmail accounts) please check your spam folder before contacting the office.
  • Remember to print the Student Attendance Record and to record all your time on this document.  (Print additional records as needed).
  • Remember to have your parent fill out the Home Study Agreement
  • Remember to have your parent fill out the Driving Instruction Agreement (if applicable)
  • You must do this other thing:
    • If you were enrolled after November 04, 2019:  After you complete each lesson, click the box to the right of the lesson and that will mark your progress and also allow you to proceed to the next lesson.
    • If you were enrolled between February 26 - November 03, 2019:  You must spend the required amount of time prior to moving to the next section. (Do not attempt to answer the questions until you have spent the minimum amount of time on the section).

    If you have any questions you may call our office during normal business hours at 719-570-0700 or email us at 1stdriveinfo@1stdrivecolorado.com.

    Good Luck,

    1st Drive Staff

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